Laser Periodontics

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Laser Periodontics

When it comes to our oral health, gum problems can be a real challenge. Conditions like gum disease and gingivitis can cause discomfort, bleeding, and tooth loss if not addressed. Thanks to our modern office and equipment, we perform periodontic laser treatments to restore your gum health and bring back your confident smile.

Woman getting laser periodontics treatment

What Is Laser Periodontics?

Laser periodontics is an innovative dental treatment that uses the power of lasers to address periodontal conditions. It's a safe and effective alternative to traditional gum surgery, providing remarkable results without incisions or sutures.

How Does Laser Periodontics Work?

With a special dental laser, Dr. Jenkins will target the affected area in the gums and use the light's energy to remove harmful bacteria, diseased tissue, and debris. Since this treatment promotes the regeneration of healthy gum tissue, patients tend to recover faster after surgery.

Laser dentistry is virtually painless and minimizes the need for incisions and sutures, resulting in less trauma to the tissue. The laser energy used in this procedure also cauterizes blood vessels, which reduces bleeding and post-operative discomfort. 

What Conditions Can Laser Periodontics Treat?

Laser periodontics is a versatile treatment option that can effectively treat many periodontal conditions, such as gum disease, gingivitis, gum recession, and even periodontal abscesses.

Whether you're struggling with swollen gums, persistent bad breath, or loose teeth, laser periodontics offers a targeted solution to address these concerns and restore your gum health, giving you a confident and healthy smile.

Benefits of Laser Periodontics

  • Minimally invasive
  • Precise and gentle
  • Reduced bleeding and swelling
  • Enhanced healing
  • Long-term results and prevention of oral problems

Is Laser Periodontics Safe?

Absolutely! Laser periodontics is a safe and FDA-approved procedure. We calibrate the laser precisely for dental use, and our highly trained dentists ensure your comfort and safety throughout the treatment.

Ready to Restore Your Gum Health with Laser Periodontics?

If you're ready to take control of your gum health and achieve a brighter smile, book an appointment with our experienced dentist at Jenkins Family Dentistry. Contact us today and let laser periodontics pave the way to healthier gums and a happier you.