Implant Restorations

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Implant Restorations

Over time, even the sturdiest implant crowns can succumb to unforeseen circumstances, such as fractures, damage, or loosening. Although we don't place new dental implants, we specialize in the art of dental implant restoration. We employ our advanced technology and expertise to breathe new life into your worn-out crowns, ensuring exceptional results and a comfortable experience.

lower teeth with dental implants

When Do Dental Implants Need Replacement?

Dental implants consist of a titanium root fixed to the jawbone and a porcelain crown that covers it. As durable as they are, implant crowns can become damaged due to accidents, excessive biting forces, or wear and tear. If you notice a loose or unstable implant crown, see cracks or chips, or experience discomfort, seek professional care for replacements.

At Jenkins Family Dentistry, our experienced dentists assess the condition of your implant and recommend the appropriate restoration to enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

How Are Implant Restorations Made?

First, Dr. Jenkins will carefully examine your implant to see if your implant crown needs to be fixed or replaced. He uses state-of-the-art technology and advanced materials to take impressions of your teeth and crafts durable and natural-looking replacement crowns. He may need to place a temporary crown until yours is ready, meaning the process might take two visits.

Through a combination of digital imaging, computer-aided design, and modern fabrication techniques, we ensure a seamless fit and optimal comfort.

How Long Do Implant Restorations Last?

With diligent care and maintenance, implant restorations can stand the test of time, offering a reliable and durable solution for missing and damaged teeth. Several factors come into play, including your oral hygiene routines, regular dental check-ups, and overall oral health.

Our team can give you expert advice on how to make your implant restoration last and keep your smile shining brightly for many years.

How to Care for Dental Implants

  • Brush your teeth and implant twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Floss daily to eliminate plaque and debris around the implant area
  • Please don't subject your teeth to unnecessary pressure or use them as tools
  • Maintain regular dental check-ups and cleanings
  • Embrace a tobacco-free lifestyle, as smoking can contribute to implant failure and complications

Need More info on Implant Restorations?

Don't let worn-out implant crowns diminish your confidence. If you require dental implant restoration or have concerns about your existing implant crown, we invite you to book a visit with our skilled team. Contact us today and experience the expertise and technology-driven approach we offer.